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About SchoolBios

Groveus has designed and developed SchoolBios with lots of passion, care and a powerful intention to change the way of school administration and communication. With so many unbelievable and amazing features SchoolBios can change your school too. As we want all school to enjoy the features we have kept the price as low as possible.

Our Technology & Design

SchoolBios is a product of Advanced Technology and Design Framework. The Software module is based on SPA(Single Page Application) guidelines, where the whole software resides in a single page without any page reload which brings an interactive user experience in also a very slow network with a low data consumption.

Core Features

SchoolBios is an online school management software that allows you to manage admissions, student information, Digital ID Cards, exam, tests, events scheduling, grading, parent & faculty notification functionalities anytime and anywhere from your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or Tablet.

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